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Let Us Build You A

Highly Engaging Chatbot

We at Vidyoz is a  Digital Marketing Agency focused on getting you results.

We will set everything up for you to ensure you build bigger lists
and convert prospects into sales, without any effort.

The FUTURE OfAutomated Marketing, Sales & Customer Support

Is Finally Here Without You Being Online…

You Can Now Leverage Amazing Artificial Intelligence
And Smart Messenger Automations To Get:

Open Rates Than Email

Click Thru Rates

Engagement Rates Than Email & Video

If you could get QUADRUPLE the open rates, 15 times HIGHER click rates, and up to 80% higher ENGAGEMENT from every marketing message you send…

What would that do for your business?

If you could fully-automate the process for growing big lists and making sales every day – without any effort, even when you’re offline…

What would that do for your LIFESTYLE and family?

THIS is the reality of chatbot technology – and it’s only going to get BIGGER.

Chatbots Are A GUARANTEED Win-Win

For You AND Your Customers:


Your Prospects & Customers

“Messenger bots are a mashup of social, mobile and instant messaging power,

which is exactly the direction that market is going”

Neil Patel

“How to Get 88% Open Rates and 56% CTRs Using FB Messenger”

Both Household Brands & Innovative Companies

Like These Are ALREADY Using Chatbots:

Interested in getting chatbots like that made?

Like These Are ALREADY Using Chatbots:

Benefits Of What

Chatbots Can Do For You:

Interact With
Clients 24/7

Automate on site chat without support staff. You won’t need to be ‘on call’ anymore to answer emails or take calls.

Build Leads & Increase Engagement

Easily Build Massive Lists, Nurture Leads & Generate Sales Without Spending A Dime!

Full Automation

All The Way From Answering Questions, Engaging Prospects, Nurturing Leads To Closing Sales For You 24/7 Without You Being Online.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

The software analyzes user input by keyword to send relevant replies.

Unlimited Automated Marketing Sequences

Create complete sales funnels inside your chatbot to maximize sales.

Unlimited Mass

Send as MANY marketing messages to your leads as you like with no limits.

Effortless Customization

Add branding, images, videos & even timed delays to ‘humanize’ your conversations.

100% Mobile Optimized

Because your Botstar bots leverage FB Messenger, they’re completely responsive and work perfectly with any mobile or desktop device.

Premium Over The
Shoulder Training

We walk you through every aspect of the software AND how to use it for best results across multiple platforms.

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With Our Chatbot Agency

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