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Chat Bot Point is owned by Vidyoz Marketing Corp. A leading Digital Marketing Company based in Manila, Philippines. We help US based Digital Marketing Agency and Local Entrepreneurs.

Our focus is to build videos, sales funnels, messenger bots and lead generation website that will generate you more Qualified Calls and Leads.

We are dedicated to make you more sales and add to your bottom line.

Save time and money using chatbots


We have marketing solutions custom created to grow your business..

Tell us your goals and we will have your desires in mind. We will craft solutions that will eliminate your worries, pains and fears doing the technical marketing stuff.

Unburden yourself and let us do all the hard work for you. 

Take away the guess work by entrusting us in what we do best.

We as a team has a combined 20 years of successful experience in marketing and have translated our expertise in generating businesses leads and sales.

You can leave the computer and focus on doing what you do best, providing your service and building your products.

We at Vidyoz will do all the marketing for you if you let us.

We can build you a hyper targeted Lead Generation Website, launch your Messenger Bot to generate leads and nurture them, craft your sales funnels to 10X your revenue and rank your Videos on top of the Youtube search.

We got your covered. Answer our Discovery Page so we can help you better. 

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